Feelin' good!

So lately I've started taking up running! With the sun shining and all, it's just pure bliss. I downloaded an mp3 program called start to run. In 27 lessons I should be able to run about 5 km straight. Right now I just finished lesson 2, but I notice that it's still a little below my capability, which is something I'm proud of, haha!

Anyway, I feel so great, running in the sun. I feel healthy, I feel that my body is looking better and better everyday, and I'm so proud that I took this on for myself! And I figured.. while running, I may as well look good ;) So I threw on my training suit from the hockey, it's from adidas, and I love that it's so flattering!

Here's a YAY for working on yourself! YAY!


Ps: And while I love my unhealty food, a healthy snack once in a while makes me happy too! Here's a bowl with banana with a bit of sugar! :)

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