Sex and the city: Charlotte York-Goldenblatt

When I thought of my favorite outfit of Charlotte.. it took me litteraly one second to think. This outfit popped immediatly to my mind. It's the scene where Charlotte just had a miscarriage, and she decides (after seeing Elizabeth Taylors documentary) to go to Brady's birthday party :).

I just love the look. Simple, sexy, classy, it's perfect, pure perfection. And the strenght it shows. It's been well chosen.

I know I just can't decide between characters, but one side of Charlotte resonates so well with my character. It's the undoubted believe in love, the dreaminess, the dream for the princess life, the belief in romance, and true love. It's just so.. me! Her optimism always strikes me, and she has a good heart. I love her and Harry, he's a bit clumsy, but loves her deeply and makes her love. And what I love most is that I have found my own Harry :).

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  1. She has a beautiful dress! You have a lovely blog.