My favorite themepark in the region. It's in the northern part of Belgium, which for us.. the park is less than 1,5 hour away. I went there on friday, as a birthday present for my boyfriend. I chose a great day, the weather was amazing, and it was so quiet, the longest we'd ever had to wait for an attraction was 10 minutes...

The Boyfriend!

That's were we went!

The only attraction I skipped. The Sledge Hammer went 42m high! No thanks for me and my slight fear of heights. The one who spots the boyfriend on the picture gets an online hug!

So that is what I did while waiting... Chilling on a bench in the sun with a coke!

Aren't we the coolest?

Yes, I did that one! While I had done it for some five times over the past years I was terrified! I hated the part going up. It took 40 seconds from the bottom to get to the top. And the cart actually STOPS halfway, for about a second or five. Imagine: it's a ninety degree angle, so you're laying on your back, with your knees of the bench. You're just hanging in that protection thing against your chest. If that fails.. you'll plummit backwards to the ground, from about 20m height. So yeah.. that's what terrified me. It was one hell of a ride though!

And afterwards I was SO happy to be alive... And to be in love :)

Fooling around in the little boats. Yep, that's where we were.

Boyfriend telling a story

And after a long day in the sun hopping on and off rides.. it was time for a Magnum Gold icecream.

Yes, it really looks like gold. Tastes nice btw, a lot of karamel and vanille (my two favorite tastes)

Boyfriend likes his fries, but not so much the pictures.

All in all.. it was an amazing day, full of lovely memories.


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