Why I've been quiet...

That used to be a plane.. One containing 114 people. Now, it is a field full of airplane pieces, and human pieces (though they've been collected). Only one person lived. A nine year old.

Aboard the plane were some seventy Dutch people, returning from their trip to South Africa. Just 800m before the runway in Tripoli it crashed. Inside were a girl from my hockeyclub (whom I don't know so well) and her boyfriend (a brother from one of my best youthfriends).

Yesterdayevening there was a memorialservice at the hockey. Emotional. The families had come, and it was really busy with people who wanted to show they cared.

The family I knew I had not seen for five years (they had moved away). But seeing them again, in this state.. it was devastating.

I'm often intruiged by plane crashes.. I really am. But now.. to see faces I know having their last frightful minutes... It's horrible.

Also, they were both 26. Young. So young. When old people pass away, you know what has been. When young people pass away, there are only still possibilities of what could have been. It's not natural. It's hard.

Last night made me vallue life so much. That I have a family, friends, and most importantly.. a lover I've got to share a lovely year with already. Especially since it was a couple who died, who maybe wanted children and marriage... it makes me think about how lucky I am.

Life truly IS the greatest gift of all, no matter how much it may suck at times. Tresure it, be grateful.


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