Time for some pictures

So, These are actually outdated again. But still I want to post a little bit the coziness that has been my room the past weeks (when the rains is crashing on my window).

Remember the colour it used to be? Yep, green. I thought after two years, that grey would better suit my room :)

Right now my room is a mess again, and the messageboard on the right is gone. In that spot is now my bookshelf (which I must say, is gorgeous).

Still it's a nice inspiration to see your room all clean :)

BTW, I've been thinking about changing my layout, the background, it might be time for something else.

BTW 2, I feel really good. I'm not sure why exactly but I feel confident, happy,loved, calm and powerful :) I hope this is my final mood, for the rest of my life, ha.

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