My Sinterklaas gifts!

In The Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas, which is basically the real Santa Claus (there, I said it). We celebrated it on the fourth, saturday, while it's actually always on the fifth, but that's fine.

This year almost my whole list consisted of things I'd need to move out! So yes, I unwrapped knives, and glass bowls and all that fun stuff to recieve... (not really).

But I know I need it, and I'm still SO thankfull to have gotten it. I'll show you my gifts.

On the picture: A glass oven tray, two glass bowls, two little knives for vedgetables, that thing you open a bottle with.. is it called an cork-unscrewer? If it isn't it should be, two plastic things to cut the meat and vedgies on *honoustly, i'm too tired to look up the proper names, but you get it*, a cooking book for students, two gift certificates for 5 euros each for my favorite interiorsshop, A Vogue USA (LOVE), A tea box with the cutest picture (almost the same as the one my boyfriend got from me last year), 4 coffeecups with spoons in Taupe!, a can opener, a tea bag thingie which I'm not sure of what it is, and two little tea bag holders, a teapot, forks/knives/spoons and all that good stuff, and a book for school about the murderer of a politician which I don't really want to read about.

That was a low really, lol. I thought I would get Mini Shopaholic from Sophie Kinsella, cause I said I wanted it so bad. So I unpacked a book like a maniac only to find out it was a school book...

So sunday I went and bought Mini Shopaholic for myself, and had it giftwrapped.

I was so happy with it. Gift-wrapping makes everything nicer. And I looooooooved every thing that I got anyway (except for the book, but I need it, so..)

I'm so grateful :) I'm blessed with the loveliest family of all :)



And the dog (Amber) loved her new green gift to bits! She went crazy! The little princess came up to the basket with gifts still all wrapped, and she went in to smell them. Then she went all crazy for one, and yes, indeed, it was her gift! All wrapped and everything! When we got it unpacked for her she ran around like a lunatic for literally half an hour. She's adorable!

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