Home inspiration! Part 1

The year 2011 will be a year of growth to me. This year has already been one of growth, and I hope that all the years of the rest of my life will be centered around growth (and love).

In 2011 I will be taking some big steps in growing up! I will be doing my second internship, at (I'm so wishing!!) Cosmopolitan! I still need to apply, but I really want to work there.

I will go on my second holiday with my boyfriend, and we'll be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary (longest serious relationship I've ever had).

I will turn twenty, and will never again be a teenager. O my, twenty sounds so old all of the sudden. When in my twenties, I'll be in the -ties, stuck forever! Or well, untill I turn a hundred :)

I will quite possibly change my job for something new, and MAYBE quit the hockey (for my internship, it's a four hour travel back and forth so..)

And the biggest change is that....


Yes, you read that right. I made the decision. It took me some time, but I feel it's time for a new step. I'm quite the people person, so I will be missing my family soooo much, but it's time for me to take care of myself. And I want to live on my own for a while, untill I eventually will live with my boyfriend (but not for another two or three years).

So, naturally, I've been searching for inspiration. What do I like in a home? (especially considering that I will buy pieces that have to be suitable to move in a house with a man eventually). Luckily, I love looking at homes. So this is a joy.

I can't wait for 2011, it will be a GOOD year!


Ps. I will be moving into a house with roommates, so I will only own ONE room. I'm hoping for something affordable in Tilburg, big enough to fit in a two-person bed, and a couch!!! I would LOOOOOVE a couch and a tv!!

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