I'm a little bit bored


My intership is starting tomorrow. I don't know what I've shared about that this far, but I'll give you a little summary.

I'll do an intership in Hoofddorp. That is pretty near Schiphol, our biggest airport, and not far from Amsterdam too. From where I live in Utrecht, it will probably be an hour travelling each morning and each evening.

Older cover of Viva

I will be in a huge office building. I guess so you could compare it to the Conde Nast building. Here it's the Sanoma building. It contains probably about 20 or 30 magazine titles, so it is HEAVEN for me.

I will work for Viva, from september 1st to december 1st. I am so nervous but I'm actually even more excited. I really want to do very well, but I know I'm there to learn. So that will work out I guess. I can't wait to write fun articles, to come up with the ideas and actually be able to work them out.

More recent cover

Viva is a weekly magazine for women aged 20 to 35. They are fun, independent and intelligent ladies. A lot of the articles are about relationships, sex, and news. But it's always very fun, and not tacky at all. It's a hugely creative title, and I can't WAIT to learn all about it.

Always bright colours

So, well, that's my planning for tomorrow and afterwards. As of today, I'm missing my boyfriend and staring at my laptop untill something happens.


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  1. How exciting...and I wish you great success. You can be the Dutch version of the MTV show with Whitney Port!!!!
    I am sure we will hear wonderful things about you. An early Happy Birthday and much love and kisses. XXX