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Hello lovers,

So my internship has been going well. I've gotten a few stories handed to me already so that's challenging but also very fun. I love that they trust me enough to do well on them (mind you, they have not read a single word that I wrote yet).

Because of that, and because of the fact that I got money that I had been waiting on for quite some time, and had been loving some things online for quite a while now, I had decided this morning would be an Ebay shopping spree morning.

I'll show you what I bought (omg I cannot wait untill it all comes rolling in):

A maxi-skirt. I can't wait to pair this with either flipflops or high heels and a loose shirt! It comes in all sorts of colours (I'm totally eying the mustard-collored one too) and is only about $17 without shipping (including belt).

This hot pink blazer for $27 excl shipping. I am SO in love with this blazer, and have been for weeks now that I gave in to it. I normally don't buy clothes from Ebay but this time I couldn't resist. Would work amazing with just about anything, over a dress, or a jumpsuit, a simple jeans and top combination.

After drooling over lots of lovely fashionbloggers wearing big gold watched I decided to give it a try. I'll have to get it shortened, but I can't wait to try it. $20 and free shipping.

Gold collored bangles to pair with the bracelet. $4 and free shipping

To pair with the bangles and bracelet this cute Dogeared inspired bracelet. Only $3 and free shipping.

A simple scarf to pair with whatever. Nice for in the office. They have ALL colours and I might to back to buy more. $2.16 and free shipping (yeah, incredible huh)

This bag I had been watching and doubting for months, but now it was on sale for only $19 dollars with free shipping so I couldn't resist. They have all sorts of colours, and I am totally loving the blue one too. Anyways this I could totally rationalize for myself for three reasons: 1) I don't own a big black bag 2) My other (brown) bag is totally ripping and falling apart 3) It's so pretty.

I still am eyeing another couple of things but I reached the limit of what I was going to spend (only went over it by 1 euro I think). But it is damn hard to stop once you're going haha.

Hope you like it, and hope it all fits and gets delivered quick!


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