Thank you

To Meghan for introducing me to thepioneerwoman.com.

It makes me want to cook. It makes me believe I can cook. And it makes me think I can cook pretty things, like the pioneer woman.

Had never heard of the website before, and I LOVE it. That woman is hilarious, and I cannot wait for wednesday when I get to try one of the recipes. O my... which one???


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Yeah! So glad I introduced you. ;) She's amazing and I love the pictures that accompany her recipes. You'l have to let me know what you try. XO

  2. Jim and I never knew Meghan was such a GREAT cook. Jim said " where was that talent when she lived at home"!!!! Luckily she treats us to very nice things when we babysit Donovan...two nice reasons to visit our girl. XXXX Happy Cooking