Wie is de mol?

This is my favorite gameshow in the whole wide world. It's a Dutch show, and I just cannot understand it's not being broadcasted in another country.

I think the translation is simply 'who is the mole?'

The idea behind the show is that ten famous people go to a country far away (this year it was El Salvador). The group of contestants have to carry out difficult tasks in order to make as much money as possible. For every succesful game/task they get a certain amount of money. But there's a catch: one of the contestants is 'de mol', and he tries to sabotage the tasks, so that it fails and the group won't earn money. At the end of every episode the contestants have to answer twenty questions about who they think is 'de mol'. If they have the most faulty answers, they are send home. So it is important for 'de mol' to be undercover and sneaky, if people know who's the mole, he can't win.

For the viewers it's unknown who the mole is, and it stays that way untill the very last episode, when the mole is finally coming clean. There is always a winning finalist, a losing finalist and the mole him or herself.

It's such an amazing concept, it's so fascinating to discuss all of the theories about who the mole could be. The editing is done in a way that it's unclear who the mole is. Many contestants try to make themself look like the mole, because people will think they are the mole while they aren't, and those people will be send home.

It's ridiciously exciting. The shots and music are amazing as well, it's beautifully made, and I'm always sad that there's only 2,5 months of the show every year.

I already cannot wait untill next year. I was wrong about who was the mole this year, btw.


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  1. We did have "The Mole" as a show here a few years ago, but the contestants weren't famous. So funny that you mentioned it because Dustin and I had a friend that was one of the contestants and actually ended up being the mole on our version. It only aired for one season though. I love reality tv... a guilt pleasure of mine. ;)