Isn't that a lovely sight?

We watched the parades (not even on purpose ha!)

A belated happy birthday-gift to my love :)

We got obsessed with the beautifull details in Disneyland..

And I got myself a new boyfriend.. Aren't we adorable?

Proof that we were there!

Pictures of Paris coming up. Disney was amazing, we had the best weather. It was a little chilly, but during the afternoon we finally felt the suns power (for the first time this year!). So we unzipped our jackets and did Space Mountain, Peter Pan, nearly everything! It was lovely.


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  1. Give Mickey a kiss from ME.....and I hope your vacation is memorable and of COURSE romantic (G)!!!!!
    We are leaving for a two week trip to Tennessee. I will send photos when we are back. Hugs and Kisses.....