My holiday buys! The clothes.

O my. Seriously. I just looked at my picture, and I thought: I'm slim! Trust me, that usually doesn't happen. I'm more the: O my, I'm fat-kinda thinking girl. It's exhausting, so I was surprised to see how good this looked on me, ha. Everything in this picture is new. This top is Zara, I bought it in sale for only €4! Can you believe? I look so polished with my hair up in that thing. The jeans are new too, H&M sale, €10. I need to go have it made shorter, but the fit and the colour is perfect! More about the boots later! Ha, by the way, look at my sisters toes below in the pictures. Don't you just love her nailpolish? Also H&M btw.

I look so bussinessy in this blouse don't I? I have ALWAYS wanted a blouse like this, with the exact same design (below)as this one. With the white collar and all. I feel so chique. H&M €15. I loooooooooove the jeans. They love my thighs I see. Thank you God of Jeans for answerring my prayers!

The pattern of the blouse. White with light blue stripes :)


The accessoires are in one of my next posts!

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  1. Very chic indeed....and if you lived closer, I would make a cup of tea, take out my sewing machine and hem your jeans!!! Hugs and kisses for the family. Can it really be ONE year since you were visiting. Miss you. XXX