Lo Bosworth

My favorite castmember of The Hills (more about that later), has become Lo in the last few episodes. Why? She's most similar to me. She's sweet, smart, classy, and looks nice. I like her style very much, and she actually seems REAL to me. Besides, she's just as much in love as I am, which I like to see. (Not some phoney, omygawd I don't think I should call back-relationships)

Recently I've stumbled across The Lo Down, her website. I really like to sit down and read it, because she comes across as a nice fun girl, with good advices :). Thought I would pass it on for ya! She's also coming out with a book, but I don't think I will buy that one...



Ps. About the Hills finale: who else was dissapointed a bit? I did not believe Kristin would go to EUROPE for one bloody second. Because she never mentioned WHERE in Europe she was going. Europe is NOT a county, it has over twenty countries.. so there's quite a lot to choose from. I never believed she would go, and I hated the plot line with Brody (one of those fake relationships mentioned above). I did like the storylines of Steph, Audrina and Lo though :). I was sad to not see Heidi return, that kinda ended weirdly.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was thinking about you the other day while shopping at the mall closest to where my mom and dad live. I think you need to come back for another visit. They just opened up one of the largest Forever 21s in the country and an H&M. It's calling your name when you're ready. ;)
    PS I always liked Lo the best too.