Just quickly checking in!

Sooooo, how busy was I? And still am... But it's been GREAT, and I love every second of it.

Firstly I went to Italy for a little more than two weeks with my boyfriend. The true test of relationship ;). And it was... fantastic. We fit perfectly, and we had a lovely time. The temperature was up up in italy, and so we spent a lot of our time either in Lake Garda, our pool, or just chilling in a city, or reading books (we are both book-freaks). It was amazing! I cannot wait for next year!

Then I was home working and chilling with the boyfriend for three days, before I (alone!) hopped on a plane to Barcelona, Spain! Seriously, before I go any further, respect for flying alone, please! I have a fear of flying... Anyways, my family was already there, so I was welcomed with arms wide open. We stayed there for 1,5 weeks. The weather was nicer, not that hot, it was lovely :).

Then when I got back I stayed a few days crawled up in the arms of my love having a Dexter marathon, and working here and there.

That leads me to here :). I felt I was abandoning you all... So just a quick check in, photo's and more precise stories will come later :).


ps. Dexter is the BEST series ever (together with Sex and the City, and Friends)
pps. Michael C. Hall (Dexter) is sexayyyyy!

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