My holiday buys! Accessoires

I was looking for some thights, polkadot ones actually. But I thought paying €8 at H&M was a little pricey. Then I saw these at Primark, and I actually think I love these more. They are black in front, and in the back they are polkadot!! How amazing is that? It's kinda like the fun and cheap version of Chanel two-colour thights! I like things that are crazy, and these are genius! I hope I can manage keeping them in one piece for a while!

So I couldn't really get my leg in the right position to take a good picture of my new boots. It now looks like I have legs the size of a century old three, but that's ok. I had been on the search for winter boots, since I descovered my love for boots last winter (it was SOOOOO cold). I never loved them before, so it was an epiphany how many nice boots there are (and how expensive they are!). Thing is: I'm picky! If one little thing of the shoe isn't right, it's not coming home with me. But these beauties.. I fell in love. They are almost knee high, beige, suede, AND high heeled. I CANNOT wait to wear them. For a better look, look at my other holiday buys post, I wear them in the first picture. I also bought a bag in nearly the same colour :)

I'm extremely picky when it comes to bags. I just am. Probably even pickier than with shoes. I needed a good handbag, that I could take to school, and to sleepovers with my BF. My old turqoise one is falling apart, and I feel bad wearing it down even more. This bag.. it's so pretty. The colours are the same as in the picture, and it's so close to the colour of my boots it's amazing. The gold, the details, the chiqueness but simplicity, I liked it. Also that it has two ways to carry it, is really practical. The only negative point was that it can't carry my laptop, for that it's too small, but all my school supplies fit it, so that's a plus :). It's from Primark again.

The details

Last summer I had to say goodbye to some black flats. So I had been on the search for a pair of plain black flats to wear with anything. And they had to be cheap too, because I don't feel like spending fifteen euro on a pair of plain flats. When I stumbled upon these, I couldn't resist. Even though they are a tad bit small, they were only €2, so I had to bring them home with me. They're from Primark.

If there's one particular kind of earrings I like, it has to be pearls. Somehow they bring out a certain beauty in my face which I can't quite explain. Maybe it's because my skin is pretty fair, and I'm blonde with blue eyes. I just think they look good. About the other two pairs of earrings: The left ones remember me of my aunt. She always used to wear blouses like the one I just bought, and used to wear earrings like these. I thought that was so.. professional. So I'm kinda going for that look too, as I like to play dress up. The other ones remind me of some great bling earrings I used to have. They are a lot like these only square. I used to wear those eeeeeeeeeevery day and they looked so good on me, untill my sister wore them and lost one of them. I was devastated really. These are a good replacement :). H&M.


Ps. I also bought a black and white sportsbra at Primark, but I figured that didn't need documenting ;)

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