My favorite songs

A new subject on my blog. I always like to hear other peoples favorite songs, so I figured I'd make a regular post about this.

I'm starting out with one of my two favorite bands: Queen. They are without a doubt the best band to have ever excisted. They KNEW how music had to sound. Pure emotion, great lyrics.

This song I'm about to post is maybe one of the most know, but most underrated songs by Queen. It's 'We Are The Champions'. This song is always played in sports when championship is reached, but honoustly. It's song about victory and persistance in life itself. It's so powerful. Freddie sings this song with so much emotion, it made me cry when it came on my Ipod a few months ago, and when I listened really close to it.

It's one of my alltime favorite songs. Seriously, listen to the lyrics, it's such an empowering song for me:


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