My wishboard!

So, some of you may, and some of you may not know that I am a true follower of the Secret, and especially the knowledge behind it. For the past three years I have been studying the Law of Attraction, and I am so glad to finally be able to say: oh how I've GROWN. I know myself so much better than I did three years ago. And as for my mood.. I went from depression to being absolutely thrilled with life.

And no matter how grown up I sometimes consider myself to be... I've never lost my fantasy. And I am SO glad for that. I am a total daydreamer. And you'd think.. isn't that annoying? Well.. as a wise man once said...

"The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent of absorbing positive knowledge"
- Albert Einstein

So, that is why I intend to create a wishboard on this blog, along with everything else I post.

What is a wishboard? A wishboard is actually a board you put pictures of your goals up, things you want to achieve, things you'd like to have, experiences you'd like to have. Now that doesn't have to be a board... it can well be a blog with pictures :). So... I'm excited to share my first goal...

It is material, but I don't see it as shallow. Because what is wrong with wanting in your life? I'm spiritual and loving enough to compensate ;)

Black high Louboutin shoes!

APRIL 22ND 2011

My goal is to own them within a year from now, wich for me is a goal that I can believe in. It is very well possible. Only thing is... plain black or patent? I'm not sure :-)

It's so NICE to fantasise, and see myself flaunt around on those!


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