Here, in my country...

When the weather is finally good.. it's GOOOOOOOD.

Usually, we are not blessed with the best of all weathers (envies california residents)..

But when the weather is good here.. us Dutchies take full advantage of it! So I guess contrast is something to appreciate! Whenever it's over 20 degrees celcius the little terasses are crammed with people!

And finally, we have what we call "Rokjesdag", translating to 'Skirtsday'. The first day of the year women go out wearing skirts with bare legs under it! Something men have almost made a national festive day of! HA! And rightfully so btw, because it's something to treasure! There is no greater feeling then a little breeze, great weather, and just enjoying it in your bikini or summer dress! And for me.. the first day of wearing bare feet in your shoes is festive too! Yay to high heels and flip flops!


Ps. Yes, I'm enjoying the weather in the backyard with my laptop, right now, as we type! Those pictures were made five minutes ago! How live is that? So yeah, that's our backyard!

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