Lady Gaga

So.. I might have been her biggest hater for a while. I thought she was over the top, and probably had no talent whatsoever. I HATED the fact that normal looking ordinary i-don't-ever-want-to-stand-out-people would say: "I LOVE Lady Gaga. She does and wears everything nobody else dares to." Then I'd think: so what are YOU doing then? How can you look up to somebody and not in some slight way try to act after your beliefs?

That all changed when I saw her Telephone video. It's pure genius. It really is. There's no denying. Then I went and googled her, I loved her craziness and outfits. I watched some interviews with her.. she's a girl chasing her dreams. I watched her live on YouTube. And boy, she really DOES have talent. She REALLY does. And she's mindblowing!

And yes, since I consider myself to be a little fashion freaky (I mean, seriously, who wears a mouse brooch?!), I allow myself to adore her. Not even secretly.

I love you Lady Gaga. Thank you for stepping up for all people who feel(/felt) like they don't fit in!


PS. In my next post I will put my favorite Lady Gaga video's. I'll promise to keep it short and sweet!

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