I love my family!

The happy family having the BEST dinner, with Jim, aunt Nelie, and Annelies

My life, and the places I live (two actually) are pretty nice. But they are not my favourite place in the world. SAN DIEGO, California I say!

Let's start off with two obvious as to why I love San Diego, Forever 21 (to die for!), and the weather (same!). It's so silly, but as we drove from LAX to the San Diego area in August '09, with the shores, and all, it felt like coming home. So, so strange, but I recall that feeling of looking out of the window and feeling crazy excited!

But there's another reason, the biggest actually, that I love California to death, and that is my beautiful family there. Here, our family is small, consisting of only eight people. There, my family is huuuuuge. And even though we're not that close in blood lines, we are close in our hearts. It suddenly hit me, at the party aunt Nelie hosted for us... I have so much family... and even though they hadn't seen me since I still wore braces (I was 11 or 12), they loved me. And I loved that so much. I enjoyed myself sooo much at that party! (And o my, the Sangria was AMAZING)

My family there are the sweetest, most grateful people I know. They have the biggest hearts, and are ALWAYS optimistic. They inspire me a lot! I am SO grateful for knowing them, and am also SO grateful for being able to keep in touch with them. It makes me feel as though I'm still there :).

I can't wait to go back there in a few years, and see baby Claire all grown up. And Munich too for that matter!

So, as though with my love for fashion I might seem a material girl, I'm really not. Love is what makes the world go round, and I'm the last person to ever question that! I am just so grateful at this moment, for the wonderful family on the other side of the ocean! (And on my side too, ofcourse) And at these moments you realise.. it's all about love & gratitude.

Just wanted to share, and send some strong hugs to California (they have to cross a thousand timezones and an ocean - that's why they have to be strong!)

Me and my family in Holland will ALWAYS capture the great memories you've given us when you opened your homes to us. Everytime we meet we talk of the great holidays, and I can't thank you enough for everything! Hugs and love!


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