Happy Valentinesday!!

Me and my love (yes, that's him!), during our June 2009 trip to the Dutch coast!

How are you celabrating luuuurrrrve?

I will go see my boyfriend today, and we'll stop by the carnival parade. Then we'll have dinner (no clue as to what), and go to the cinema. As for the movie: we've already argued, so let's wait and see what we feel like! ;)

Valentines day is my day... I can't say anything but that I'm probably the most romantic soul that has ever set foot on this planet. And I HATE on the people who think of Valentines day as bullshit. Just some commercial day to make money, they say. 'Every day is Valentines day'. I throw up, please!

YES, everyday is Valentines Day for me also, ask my boyfriend, he'll admit. But those people FAIL to see the beauty of the day!! It's not ABOUT those gifts. It's about little things, telling your lover what he or she means to you, it's about a little breakfast in bed, write a beautiful little card, maybe go see a movie, cook together...

Valentines day doesn't have to cost a single cent if you don't want it to! It's about showing your love a little extra this day. Regardless of all the other days in the year... Regardless of what other people say or do...

Valentines Day... A whole day dedicated to LOVE!.... It's the prettiest day in the year for that matter.

So to everybody: Happy Valentines Day! Hope you're as in love as I am!

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  1. You are SOOO adorable. My Valentine brought me coffee in bed, and let me tell you that is just WONDERFUL to wake up to that attention!!! I wish you a joyous and romantic day, and as always my love to the family. XXX