New years

So it has been a while, for sure. But i've been requested to update, so here we are, ha!

I've been busy, and happy. My dreams have come true, some of them at least. I have completed my intership, with a final mark 8! That's very good. I was very happy there, I fitted in, and realised this was my dream. I had fulfilled it. I was now a published magazine journalist! And now I know for sure that this is my dream, my passion, this is what I want.

Also I moved to Tilburg, which is basically my second home. I'd been cruising around the city for three years, before i finally moved there, so it was like coming home. I know the city, I know a lot of people there, and I'm pretty sure it'll be my hometown for the coming years.

I took up sports again! At the beginning of this new year. I had wanted to for months, but I bought a gymsubscription which started january 1st. I have invented squash, a ball game that I love. I'm quite good at it too. And now that I have lesser classes, I want to enroll in more sports. Pilates and yoga probably.

I started my own company: Milou van Roon Teksten. So that makes it easier to sell my magazine articles. I've also had to pleasure of writing my first bussiness text.

What more to tell? I'm about to start graduating, which is scary, but I'm looking forward to it with confidence. And tuesday me and Joris will be together for three years. Which is very nice ofcourse.

Take care!

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  1. Well....I was wondering what was keeping you so busy. We were all very curious, and now we know. Great success in ALL you do. Such a joy to follow your blog. You have MUCH to smile about Smiling Lady!!!