What I've been up to.

Remember newspapers? Those daily tiny bookly-things that contain the news of today, which you throw out the next? That's what I've been upto. I've been doing my internship for the past two weeks almost. The newspaper I work for is a regional one, the title above. The region it covers is Breda untill Bergen op Zoom. The western part of Brabant, is an easier way of saying it.

This internship means I work 40 hours a week (or more) on the editorial office, where I interview people and make articles for the newspaper of the next day (of the day after...). It's SO much fun to do, and I learn a lot. The journalists I work with are so nice, and they all want to help me so much. I'm having a blast. Plus, I function as a real journalist there, which makes me feel... I don't know.. respected maybe. I notice that (luckily) writing pieces is really something I'm rather good at.

I don't think I want to work for newspapers when I grow up ;). I'd like to work for a fashion/beauty/lifestyle magazine. You can be a lot more creative in the magazineworld, I think I'll like that.

Just wanted to share what I've been upto :)


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  1. Best of luck with your internship. They are so helpful, and I remember my OWN internship and how much I learned. Love to you and the family. XXX Annelies